Counselling Service

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General information

An initial consultation can be arranged by telephone, in person or by email.

All appointments, including those that take place at htw saar, HBKsaar or in Homburg, are arranged through the registration at the Saarbrücken campus.


Phone: 0681/302 2515 (Monday-Friday 9 – 12 o’clock)

E-Mail: ppb(at)stw-saarland.de

 If you write an e-mail, please be aware that an unencrypted email is not secure. Please don’t send us any personal or confidential information by e-mail.


Appointments are currently possible in person, by phone or via video. 


In addition, we offer an Open Consultation Hour every Wednesday from 12 o’ clock until 1 o’clock. In this time, you can have a short counselling session without prior arrangement. Detailed information can be found here.