About us

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The Studentenwerk im Saarland (Saarland Student Services) is a modern service provider serving students of higher education in Saarland. The Studentenwerk is a not-for-profit organization to which students also contribute. The aim of the Studentenwerk is to provide economic and social support and assistance to students at Saarland’s institutions of higher education.


In accordance with its articles of association, the Studentenwerk must be run so that it covers costs. The main sources of income available to the Studentenwerk are revenues from catering services, rental and leasing agreements, financial contributions from students, and local government grants. At the same time, the articles of association dictate that the services provided to students must be priced at a level appropriate to the students’ economic and social circumstances. These two goals – covering costs and offering socially acceptable prices – cannot be achieved without public funding.


The Studentenwerk is managed by an executive board that includes student members. Students therefore have a direct influence on the way the Studentenwerk is run and can help to ensure that the services on offer are best able to meet their needs.