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Help searching accomodation

 If you can't find a place in one of our halls of residence, you should look for other housing options in Saarbrücken and the surrounding area. Take a look at our videos on Dudweiler and the Eschberg district. There you can often find affordable housing close to the university. 

Velik introduces you to Dudweiler: https://youtu.be/ko_9yHdCDm4

With English subtitle: https://youtu.be/gd3CPLgcNF4

Valentina introduces you to Eschberg (with English subtitles): https://youtu.be/SHna_UbcHco


Assistance in finding accomodations


From 15.09 to 15.11 21 the Housing Office assists the international students of the Saarland University and the htw saar in finding accomodations in and around Saarbrücken.

Starting on 15. September, students who need help are welcome to contact the Housing Office


More information about the support

Searching for an affordable accommodation in the private rental sector usually can be quite stressful yet it is an exciting time.

The Housing Office is a free service for all new international students of Saarland University and htw saar. We offer you support in find off-campus housing. Our knowlegdgeable student tutors can  assist you in your housing search and give guidance on what you look for.

In general, it usually takes some time to find accommodation in Saarbrücken. So if you’re looking to move beginning of October it is usually good to start your search early.



Services we offer / What we do:

  • we will assist you and provide you with valuable information for searching accomodation in Saarbrücken and     neighboring areas (websites, what to look for, tips)
  • we work with a database of available and affordable housing
  • we give advice and information about rental agreements in general
  • we can answer questions that you may have during the search
  • we can accompanay you to your appointment with the landlord for viewing the accommodation (max. 3 times)
  • we can help you in finding short-term accommodation (e.g. hotels) for the time of your search
  • if you rent an unfurnished apartment, we can help you finding cheap or used furniture


Limits to our service:

•             No pick-up service from train stations and airports (BUT we can give you directions)

•             We do NOT arrange a ready-to-move apartment

•             We are NOT in charge of the students residence hall of the  Studentenwerk , we CANNOT offer you a room there

•             NO legal counselling

•             Once you have an apartment, our service is done, we are NOT available during the semester



This project ist financed by Saarland Staatskanzlei