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Accident insurance

The accident insurance of the Studierendenwerk Saarland offers enrolled students insurance coverage that extends to the non-university sector (leisure sector). This means that, in principle, only those accidents are insured that are not covered by the students' statutory accident insurance.

Beyond the recreational area, insurance coverage only extends in the event of death (24-hour coverage).

In addition, enrolled students are insured if they complete an internship or work in companies or other localities, provided it is exam preparation. According to the provisions of the underlying insurance conditions, insurance coverage exists worldwide.

 An accident within the meaning of private accident insurance occurs when the insured person involuntarily suffers damage to his or her health as a result of a sudden event acting on his or her body from outside. The insurance does not cover accidents caused by: - mental/consciousness disorders, also due to alcohol influence/drugs; - attempt or execution of a criminal act;  racing with motor vehicles; etc. (this is only an exemplary list).


Regarding the accident insurance for students, it is absolutely necessary that claims are reported immediately to the insurance company via Studierendenwerk Saarland and that a doctor is consulted. In the event of an accident resulting in death, the accident must be reported within 24 hours.


The following insurance coverage has been agreed upon:

20.000,00 € disability with progression 225 %.

45.000,00 € total disability (100 % disability)

2.000,00 € death

5.000,00 € salvage costs

5.000,00 € costs for cosmetic operations


Liability insurance

Within the scope and extent of the private liability insurance, insurance coverage exists for the enrolled students for the legal liability arising from the participation in the learning and research activities as well as during internships associated with the course of study.

The insurance coverage is valid worldwide and is therefore not limited to localities.

The insurance also covers legal liability for damage to movable property provided by the student - with the exception of motor vehicles subject to compulsory insurance - up to a maximum amount of EUR 50,000 per loss event. For fire and explosion damage as well as water damage, a sum insured of EUR 5,000,000 applies.

Also included is damage to experimental objects, insofar as these are not directly used by the insured person during the experiment in question.

The prerequisite for settlement in the event of a claim is that the student is demonstrably at fault.

Damage that cannot be attributed to participation in the learning and research activities of  all Saarland university e is excluded. Also excluded are claims due to wear and tear or excessive use.

Important, this insurance cannot replace a private liability insurance.


Theft insurance

The insurance covers theft of items from the movable property of enrolled students and guest students, excluding vehicles and bicycles, vehicle accessories, photographs, optical devices and jewelry. The insurer will compensate for loss of and damage to insured property caused by fire, lightning, explosion, burglary, theft and substitution.

Insurance coverage is only provided during the stay on the university premises (except dormitories)  and in buildings within the Federal Republic of Germany during events within the university framework outside the university premises, as well as in buildings worldwide during events within the university framework including excursions outside the university premises.

Each claim must be reported to the Studierendenwerk Saarland within seven days of the occurrence of the insured event. Damages exceeding € 102.26 must also be reported to the police. The scope of coverage amounts to a maximum of € 383.47 per insured person/damage