Counselling Service

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General information


At the beginning of each semester, the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center (PPB) offers group sessions on various topics that students often face (see page headings). Group offerings provide an opportunity to address issues that may be causing blockages or difficulties in your studies in a group setting.

Depending on the content, the groups take place in open, semi-open or closed form:

  • In an open group, you can participate - by appointment - at any time.
  • A semi-open group works for a defined period of time with the same participants, then individual participants leave and others join.
  • The closed group includes the same participants over the entire course of the group; everyone works together from beginning to end.

Groups are generally held on four consecutive dates. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of eight.

If different arrangements apply to a group, you will find them in the description.

Several groups cannot be booked in parallel. However, you can book them one after the other.

If you are unsure whether a group offer is suitable for you, you are welcome to arrange a one-on-one meeting to clarify this.


After registering by phone at the secretary's office or by email, you will either receive an invitation for the first appointment with the confirmation or the offer to register for the next group offer if the current one is already fully booked.