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Private housing market

With the beginning of the new semester, there will be many new students coming to Saarbrücken, from Germany and all over the world. Students that did not get a place in one of the dormitories of Studierendenwerk, have other options to find a flat or a room in Saarbrücken:

1. Private dormitories, which are not part of the Studierendenwerk im Saarland e.V.

There are several private dormitories in Saarbrücken, which are not run by the Studierendenwerk. These dormitories mostly offer furnished rooms, single or double apartments. To get a place in these dormitories, you need to apply directly with their administration:

The Carl Duisberg Haus: www.sib-saarbruecken.de/wohnen

Evangelische Studierendengemeinde: www.waldhausweg7.de

Verein Internationales Studierendenwerk „Cusanus-Haus Saarbrücken“ e.V: www.cusanustreff.de

Saarland Bauträger Immobiliengruppe: www.studentenwohnungen-saarbruecken.de

Gesellschaft für Hausverwaltung mbH: www.gfhdudweiler.de

studioeins: www.studioeins.info


2. Searching a room on the private market

The private market also offers various types of furnished and non-furnished accommodation in Saarbrücken. In addition to single apartments and larger apartments, you can also find so-called “WGs” (Wohngemeinschaften). These are shared apartments, in which each student rents a bedroom and then shares kitchen and bathroom with others.

These offers are usually posted online, in the local newspapers and on the blackboards of the universities and cafeterias.


Additionally, the Studierendenwerk offers a virtual blackboard where you can also find offers for WGs and private accommodation. Students can also post their ‘housing wanted ad’ here: www.stw-saarland.de/de/Services/Kommunikation/Pinwand

At the same time, landlords post adverts here to which students can respond directly.


 Further links for finding a room:









https://www.kleinanzeigen.de/s-wohnung-mieten/c203 (Saarbrücken ; Immobilien)


You can also look for offers in the regional newspapers. Here we offer you the opportunity to click through the offers of Saarland housing market:


Saarbrücker Wochenspiegel: www.sbr-wochenspiegel.de

Saarbrücker Zeitung: www.saarbruecker-zeitung.de


3. Housing Office

From 15.09 to 15.11 2023 the Housing Office assists the international students of the Saarland University and the htw saar in finding accomodations in and around Saarbrücken.

Starting on 15 September, students who need help are welcome to contact the Housing Office either via email : housing@stw-saarland.de or via this form (hier). 


If you are a landlord or can offer a room, you can register directly here (hier).