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Mindfulness exercise

The present time can be a good opportunity to try out or deepen the practice of mindfulness. Either, since you are looking for a way, to deal with troubling thoughts or feelings, or simply because you want to take the time for it now. If you do this exercise regularly - after some time - you will probably experience an increased sense of well-being, relaxation, centeredness or even clarity. In general mindfulness helps to live more present in the here and the now.


This guided exercise requires no prior knowledge of any kind and is mainly about observing your breathing as it flows naturally.

At the beginning of practicing mindfulness, a guided exercise is usually helpful. After some time, people often experience, that they don’t need this guidance anymore and adapt the duration or focus of the exercise to their needs or the time available for the exercise. So feel free to adapt the exercise in whatever way it feels right for you.


The multiple benefits of practicing mindfulness usually take some time to emerge. So it is recommended to take some time everyday, to practice for example by using this exercise. This guided exercise takes about half an hour, which is quite long at the beginning. Please feel free, to stop the exercise at any time, if you have the feeling, it is too long for you at the moment.

After some time, mindfulness will generalize into your daily life. To help this transfer into your daily life, you can also focus on your sense perceptions consciously or pay some attention to your breathing during the day, if the situation permits it.

It is usually helpful to build up a motivation, why you want to practice mindfulness. While you are doing this exercise though, it is recommendable to let go of this idea of wanting to get somewhere and just be with the experience of the present moment.

 If you want, you are very welcome to click here to start the exercise: https://youtu.be/7MamFa5G0OA