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Help aide

The Studentenwerk manages an emergency fund for Saarland University students in need.

The fund is sustained by contributions from:

the University
the Friends of Saarland University
student representative bodies
other individuals and organizations
The emergency funds are used to provide loans or grants to students of Saarland University who find themselves in exceptional financial circumstances. Students do not have automatic legal entitlement to receive financial assistance from the emergency fund. All benefits provided are discretionary.

Further details can be found in the regulations governing the emergency fund - see our download page for details.

Bärbel Burgard
Saarbrücken Campus
Building D4 1
Level 0, Room 07
Phone: 0681 302-2278
Fax: 0681 302-2890
E-mail: b.burgard@studentenwerk-saarland.de

Contact times:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
from 9.30 am to 11.30 am