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Faire Kita / Kita nachhaltig

We are fair daycare!

The great commitment of our daycare center to the children of fair trade and its effects in relation to education for children, poverty and wealth, to explain child labor and to work on these topics together has paid off.

In October 2018, the daycare center was recognized as a "Fair KITA". The Studentenwerk im Saarland e.V. has been a committed motor in the Fairtrade University action group for many years. It was therefore very clear that the Studentenwerk's daycare center would also be on its way to becoming a fair daycare center. Several criteria had to be met for this. The daycare team was immediately convinced and many things were brought about with commitment. After the team and the parents had decided on a “fair daycare” and a “fair work team” was set up, educational work on the topic of fair trade was started. Can children of kindergarten age understand the topic at all? - Of course, and how! ! With great commitment, they are involved in many campaigns when the topics of child labor, child poverty and fair food are explained to them in a playful way.

Since the day care center is supplied by the Studententenwerk canteen, the use of fair products in everyday life (for both children and adults) has been guaranteed for a long time. In everyday life, the topic of "being fair" and fair distribution in dealing with others in our daycare center plays an important role. Many more activities are planned!


Sustainable Kita

Environmental education is also the focus of the work in our  Kita. The conscious use of recyclable materials, the production of beeswax cloths as packaging material, building and working on the raised bed and many other activities related to the good treatment of our nature are built into everyday education.

Great explanatory videos have been created:

We are building a raised bed: https://youtu.be/vq3EP396E0s

We make beeswax wraps ourselves: https://youtu.be/W1D_E41oQN4

We make a fair banana milkshake: https://youtu.be/WPoEqXTSL_0

We make fair chocolate crossies ourselves: https://youtu.be/lXYcB4t_HqU


You can also find other great videos about our Kita on YouTube!