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Fairtrade Universities

The Studentenwerk im Saarland e.V. is an active member of the Faire Uni Saar steering group and the fair htw saar university. Saarland University was the first Fairtrade University in Germany in 2014 and has already been recertified 3 times., Htw saar has been recognized as a fair university since 2018. With lots of ideas and campaigns around the use of fair food in everyday student life and the implementation of fair action in the everyday tasks of the institution, the Studentenwerk is consistently going the fair way. In 2019, the Studentenwerk im Saarland e.V. was named a "fair future company" with the special prize of the city of Saarbrücken. The Studentenwerk im Saarland e.V. represents Faire Uni Saar in the Development Education Committee of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

More: www.fairtrade-unis.saarland