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Sustainable canteen

On weekdays in our canteens we provide up to 3,500 guests from all over the world with an extensive selection of changing, exciting, international and authentic dishes, always taking into account environmental awareness and sustainability. The focus is on the sustainable nutrition of our guests, environmentally conscious action coupled with new ideas that put social responsibility in the focus of our work. 


Fair comes first

It goes without saying that we work with ingredients from fair trade and thus actively support the Faire Uni Saar project as a motor. For our commitment in this area, which is leading nationwide, we received the special prize of the city of Saarbrücken in the competition “Fair-Future Company” in 2019.


Short ways

We strive for short distances, regionality and a low carbon footprint. We clean and chop the fresh fruit and vegetables ourselves so that the food reaches our guests directly and fresh. The use of organically grown food, fair coffee and tea, sustainably caught fish (MSC certified) and fair trade food is consistently implemented as far as possible.


No overproduction

By producing directly in the output, we reduce overproduction. Even if too much food is produced that has not yet been served, it is reused the next day so that no food waste is created.


Too good for the bin

If the portion is too big for the guest, he / she can pack up their own leftovers free of charge at a repacking station and take them home with them.


Reusable instead of disposable

We consistently do without ToGo cups and work with the returnable cup "QuattroCup", a reusable cup from the region (cooperation with the city of Saarbrücken and other regional companies). We have been involved in the "Becherheld" project run by the Saarland Ministry for the Environment from the start. Our ToGo packaging consists of 90% "" bioplastics (corn starch, sugar beet, vegetable fibers) and is therefore compostable; our guests can also bring their own packaging box .



... our old grease is converted into bio-fuel

... remaining leftovers are collected and converted into new energy in a biogas plant.

... Our rinsing lines work with heat recovery.

.... Our rollups that are no longer required are recycled into pencil cases.